Danny Chokoe

| SEO Marketing |Software Development| Linux Engineer | Social Media Marketing | 

Address:               Johannesburg North

Phone                  +27 81 438 1004

E-mail                   info@danchokoe.co.za

Date of birth       10-September

LinkedIn               Danny chokoe

Twitter                 @dannychokoe


An ambitious and talented young individual with vast experience in IT sector. I bring innovation and professionalism to the table.


2015 – Present

MAM Support Engineer –Multichoice Africa


2012 – 2014
Heriot-Watt University, BSc Computer Systems

F29AI – Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents 
F29KM – Knowledge Management 
F29OC – Operating Systems & Concurrency 
F29PD – Professional Development 
PL7BH – SCQF L7 120-credit for APL 
PL8BH – SCQF L8 120-credit for APL 
F29AI – Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents 
F29OC – Operating Systems & Concurrency


Mobile & Web App Development, Shell Scripting, Linux System Administration, Photoshop, Database Management, Video Editing, Project Management, Corporate & Technology Blogging